Welcoming 2013

The end of the world is over.  It didn’t happen and the world is not going to stop turning anytime soon.  It’s a brand new year.  That means it’s time.  Your time, my time, and our time.  Time to stop delaying our dreams and to start taking action.  Time to be proud of our very real accomplishments of 2012.  Time to be grateful about how far we have come.  Time to set goals for what is ahead.

Anytime we approach a new goal or experience a major life change, we have to take one step at a time to get moving in the right direction.  I would argue that you can only take one major step per year.  Last year, that step for me was adjustment.

If anyone would have told me 14 months ago that I’d be living in Denver, I would have looked at them like they were nuts.  Today, I’ve been here for almost a year, and absolutely love it.

But it took a lot of time to adjust to a place that I had only been to twice before moving to it. Employment and my major needs were met from the beginning, but it’s always difficult to start out somewhere new and create your space and your path.  I’ve done my best to lead my team at ServiceSource (stock ticker SREV) through our challenging account, get involved in the Denver community, make friends, build a network and pursue my passions.

The next step for me is deciding what to focus on in 2013.  My goal this year is simple and ambitious: to polish my message and reach as many people as I can with it.  I’ve decided that writing, blogging and speaking is how I am going to do that.  I’m proud to say that I have started to communicate my message and passion to the world.  I have always been writing, and working with best-selling author Dan Schawbel last year definitely lit a fire inside of me both in terms of writing and the business of writing in the personal development space.  When that consulting job was over and I only had my 9X5 job left, I needed a new focus, a creative outlet.

I created Gay Ambition Blog (GAB), released 9 posts, and moved it from WordPress to it’s own domain (which was challenging for me, a non-technical person!).  I interviewed four people, three of those interviews are out already.  And I’m excited for what is to come with GAB in 2013.  Expect more posts.  Expect more interviews.  Expect contributing writers.  Expect new forms of media: videos, podcasts, etc.  Expect themes.

And please connect with me if you or someone you know is a good candidate for an interview.  GAB is going to cover a broad range of topics this year, including: dreams, employment, unemployment, entrepreneurship, geographical obstacles, education, social media & being fearless.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog, and I promise valuable content in this coming year.  Any feedback is always appreciated.

Cheers to you and the step you decide to take in 2013.

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    MERRY ’13